Review Policy

I can’t boast that I have reviewed lots of books per request. Truthfully you’ll only find four to five book reviews on this blog here. But I’m just ettin started and I would love to hear from you and review your book.

If you are an author that wanna get your book reviewed by me, that’s quite easy. Just make sure you pass the guidelines below and if you do, send me an email here – . I’ll try to give an honest review. Any and all reviews personally requested will be posted on this blog, Goodreads and Amazon.

Genre –

I accept both fiction and non-fiction books. But…The Non-Fiction books must be of one of the following categories – History/Mythology/Cosmology. And in Fiction, I accept all genres except these – Romance, Erotica and Paranormal Romance ( that’s it.)

The format of the book –

I accept all kinds of book formats, ebook and physical copies both. ( Although physical copies are preferred. Maybe signed ? )

Price –

Currently, I do not charge anything for book reviewing as long as you send a physical copy. An ebook format costs Rs. 350 or about 5$ ( depending on the rate ) .

If you are interested in conducting an interview with me, here are the guidelines –

I’m gonna need a photo of yours.
A bio and hyperlinks
You must be a published author or a book blogger.
The interview must be based on some event like, releasing of your book, a milestone in your book, your blog becoming a bestseller etc.

If you are interested, I look forward to hear from You.