Flash Fiction: The Outside

This is written from the Tale Weaver prompt given here – link.

Remembring what the outside looks like beyond the sight of the windows was a feat that I was no longer capable of. The outside had become the equivalent of a fantastical land with all sorts of dangers in my time.

Today I went outside. Damn me, I went outside. To gather supplies. And just as I thought and refused to accept,  there were too many people here. Too many. But it was too late. Before I escape this place,  I had to finish what I came for.

There was no more bread at the house.


3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Outside

  1. Running out of stuff is one of the great dangers of all this isolation. Thanks for adding your thoughts, I think this is your first visit to tale weaver? Welcome and please come back each week if so inspired.

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