That Weird Feeling


Something was happening. Something . . . strange. A weird feeling, maybe nothing more. But, that had never been the case wit here. And now… no, the feeling was too strong.

The dark eerie corridor was filling with as to what might lie ahead. She needed to know yet it was not in her to press that button. She could not, not just yet. Her hand reached out but was shivering next to her hand before she knew it.

She could have left but there was nowhere to go And being afraid of your own house seemed a little bit stupid. But, her ears told her otherwise. That rub of a foot against her carpet, the immediate stop realizing the mistake and then another round of shuffling to finish the job. Quicker, Harder.

Her heart was about to beat itself out of her chest when she realized that’s it. Before thinking twice, she shoved her hand to the switch and with a click, all questions were answered.

They yelled surprise so loud, she dropped to the ground.

7 thoughts on “That Weird Feeling

  1. Wow you had me hooked! That is amazing! You are a amazing writer. I loved how you were building the tension up….you made me wonder what was going to happen! Wonderful! 😊🌸xx

    Liked by 1 person

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