SAM vs FRODO – The Lord of the Rings

THE LORD OF THE RINGS !! An epic beyond measure. The classic story of good versus evil. But that is not why we are here.
The topic now is SAM vs FRODO!
Every Lord of the Rings fan knows them by heart. The brave little hobbit and his loyal companion, that’s what they are. But let me draw another picture. The brave little loyal hobbit who was ready to do anything for his “master”, even die and the master whose only job was to be a ring-holder and basically a liability.
Okay, maybe that was too harsh. But that was a glimpse of the truth as I see it. Yeah, I know when Frodo was leaving the Fellowship, he did not ask Sam to come with him, but when Sam did, the entire time whenever Frodo mentioned him to someone else say Gollum or Farmarir, he referred to him as his servant. SERVANT? Have some respect dude. He is trudging through the riskiest place in Earth for you for your job, unrewarded and he is your servant. You could have at least called him your companion or your friend. No, he had to be your servant.
But FRODO calling his loyal friend and the reason he is alive not the only reason for this post. It’s the first of many.
Let’s examine what Frodo did after they entered Mordor. He befriended Gollum,  a certified monster and behaved super rudely to Sam just because he was suspecting Gollum and treating him as he deserved. Okay, maybe Sam was too harsh but he had good reasons – first of all, the thing was a MONSTER and he was known to kill for the Ring and was seen leering over the ring and Frodo many times. Sam was doing all he could to save his master as he always does. And what did the master do…. be super ungrateful?
In the movie version, Frodo ultimately orders Samto bugger off ( I have a para down on how this was a shitty move ) and then when Sam saves him from Shelob and the orcs, he says sorry and continues being a complete liability. In the book, quite a similar thing happens and in both versions, Frodo lashes out at Sam for taking the Ring.
Frodo told Sam to bugger off, that is beyond humane. Sam trudged so long for someone who was constantly treating him as his inferior even though it was Sam who carried him ( literally ) to his goal. And then Frodo tells Sam to bugger off as if to say, ” You’ve irritated me enough, I’ve got Gollum now, my good monster .” This is the stuff that drives people crazy.
download (5)
Sam being super awesome and carrying Frodo while he looks exactly like what he really is – useless weight.
Now you may argue that it was because of the Ring, that the Ring breaks friendships and it’s what made Frodo so weak. But focus, – SAM ALSO HELD THE RING – while he was in Mordor, while he was wearing it and it didn’t seem to matter much to him. The weight that Frodo was so much complaining about – Sam never felt it. This proves that Sam was a much better fit to be the Ring-bearer and not Frodo. I mean, Frodo was basically a Ring-shield and that too, not a very good one. Sam resisted successfully the Ring’s temptation where even Boromir a man, ( which is a superior species than the Hobbit ) could not. Even Frodo fell for the Ring, but not Sam.
In the end, Frodo got to go to Aman, the continent of the gods, the literal heaven for being a ring-bearer while Sam could not. ARE THE GODS BLIND? SAM DID EVERYTHING.
download (4)
Frodo looks at Sam with a look of ” Thank You “. IT WAS YOU ALL ALONG. And Sam looks at him, it’s okay, you take the credit, I’m just glad to see you safe.
Another, and for me the worst thing was this – In the end, everyone was congratulating Frodo for destroying the Ring, no one seemed to pay much mind to Sam. He never got any credit, certainly not as much as he deserved. Frodo gulped it all.
Maybe Frodo wasn’t such a jerk consciously but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t the villain for Sam. Poor Sam, who didn’t even know it and gladly accepted it.

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